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The Best Home Warranties in Arizona & Nevada

For over 30 years National Home Warranty has been providing exceptional value to our customers through our consistent delivery of quality service at an affordable price.  Whether you´re a homeowner, real estate professional, property manager, or investor you´ll find unparalleled service and unwavering commitment with National Home Warranty.  We offer the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price ensuring you´ll be protected against unexpected and costly repairs to the fundamental systems and appliances throughout your home.

Our experienced and competent staff is always available to provide you with rapid response time in the event of an emergency or just a routine repair.  And you won´t have to worry about expensive parts and labor costs; they´re covered throughout the term of your policy, regardless of how often service is needed.  The only cost you´ll incur when processing a claim is a low $70 service call fee.

So join the legion of other satisfied customers and start enjoying the confidence and peace of mind that come from protecting your assets against untimely and unbudgeted home repairs. Click here to review the our Essential Coverage for yourself.

The National Home Warranty Advantage

There’s a reason why National Home Warranty is among the most trusted home warranty companies in AZ and NV. Our home warranty Arizona and Nevada customers can depend on us to quickly and reliably take care of any and all covered items that require service during the contract period. Unlike some other Arizona and Nevada home warranty companies, we maintain strict control over our licensed contractors. Our home warranty AZ and NV service contracts ensure the job is done right the first time so that you can quickly put your worries behind you.

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Need a home warranty Las Vegas residents, realtors and property managers trust? What about all of you Phoenix residents and real estate professionals? National Home Warranty is the home warranty Nevada and Arizona residents count on for prompt professional service which ultimately yields among the highest renewal rates in the industry.

If you’re not yet convinced that we’re one of the best home warranty companies in AZ and NV, you haven’t spent enough time comparing our NV and AZ home warranty to others in the area. Simply call us at 702-641-8888 in Nevada, 480-428-8800 in Arizona, or toll free at 1-855-NHW-4USA—or start your coverage online today!

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