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Service you can Trust, Quality you can Afford!

You work hard to enjoy the benefits of homeownership and protecting the assets associated with your investment is a wise decision. At National Home Warranty, we provide the most comprehensive coverage for the primary systems and appliances in your home at the most affordable price. Additionally, you’ll realize the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected against untimely and expensive home repairs. The table below shows a range of common household repairs when using reliable, licensed contractors at retail pricing.

Purchase/Renew Coverage

Once your service contract is in place with National Home Warranty, the cost to repair or replace these same covered items is reduced to a low $65 service call fee that includes the parts and labor necessary for the repair (or replacement).  Imagine the confidence you’ll feel by having the coverage you need, when you need it.


(Please review our Essential Contract for specific limitations and coverage)


Service you can Trust, Quality you can Afford



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